Real Name Unknown
Sex Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Estimated 25-32 years old
Race Cybernetically Enhanced Dino
Place of Birth Unknown
Height 5’ 8” - 6’
Weight Unknown
Occupation Assassin
First Appeared in Hog Hunt

Diablo (real name unknown) is one of the villains featured in Hog Hunt. He was created as a contest entry by Ahmad Alami.


Not much is officially known about Diablo. All that is known is that he was formally serving under the Blue Army until an accident left him critically injured. It is thought that the black suit he wears is used as a synthetic skin. He is currently working as an assassin, where he holds an illustrious reputation. In 0 ACS, he was hired by Mitchel to assassinate Lucy, alongside Raemus. Seeing better promise from capturing Rachel, he instead persued her, but failed, and is currently incarcerated. 


Diablo is very apathetic in general. His only motives for his work is money. He has little connection to others and keeps mostly to himself.


  • Concealable weapons


  • Crying
  • Heavy breathing
  • Yelling
  • Pointless conversation
  • Wasting time
  • Ska music

Original Bio by Ahmad AlamiEdit


The original concept art of Diablo by Ahmad Alami

Name: Diablo

Nicknames: "The Sneak", "The Living Arsenal"


Species: Gecko (Tail was chopped off, and due to nerve-damage was unable to grow back)

Alignment: Neutral

Occupation: Adventurer, Contract Assassin, Spy

Personality: Vindictive, When trying to achieve a goal, he will not stop until it is. Is also somewhat smug.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Has an extensive arsenal of short-range, bladed weapons, including but limited to: knives, swords, daggers, switchblades, and so on. He carries many weapons on his person, all hidden in his clothing. He has a dislike of firearms.

Distinguishing feature: Body is extremely scarred and blackened. Wears a body suit to hide his disfigurement

Strengths: -Quick and agile -Surprisingly strong -Extensive knowledge of short-range weapons -Is able to pilot many vehicles -Resistant to certain poisons -Is a capable spy

Weaknesses: -Stubborn -Conceited -Shortened Lifespan due to nerve damage -Without his suit, his body is very weak against the elements

Bio: Extremely skilled in the world of espionage and murder, Diablo is a man of few words and a very, very high body count. Back when he worked for the United States government, while on a mission in an abandoned chemical warehouse, He engaged a guard in a fist-fight. Unfortunately, the guard shot him, causing to fall into a vat of highly-corrosive chemicals. They destroyed much of his skin, eating away at this tail and leaving his body permanently disfigured. Unable to fix his now destroyed body, he donned a black bodysuit, almost never removing it. Now as Diablo, he works for anybody who has the higher amount of cash, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. And he doesn't care who gets in his way, especially a certain pig...

(This is the original bio of Diablo as written by his creator. It has no bearing over Lucy canon.)