Sex Male
Date of Birth 26 BCS
Age 26
Race Goblin
Place of Birth Federated States
Height 6' 1"
Weight 186 lbs.
Occupation Pilot for the F.S. Grand Military
Family Cera Bailey (mother), Glenda (sister)

Justin Bailey is the older brother of Glenda. He first appeared in Glenda Gaiden.

History Edit

Growing up an only child for 7 years, Justin was somewhat isolated from other kids his age. Seeing images of fighter jets during the war gave him an interest in planes. After the birth of his younger sister Glenda, the two developed a close friendship, strengthening their bond more than most brothers and sisters. Though the war had ended when he graduated, he immediately joined the Grand Military to become a pilot. He is currently stationed in Pekkoban.

Personality Edit

Unlike his younger self, Justin has grown to carry himself better socially. Despite this, he still has a nerdy side that shines through at times. Above all else, Justin is just a laid back person who likes getting along with everyone.

Likes Edit

  • Planes and Airships
  • Video Games

Dislikes Edit

  • Showering in public
  • Sour Tasting Things