Mitchel Douglas
Sex Male
Date of Birth 26 BCS
Age 26
Race Beastman
Place of Birth Demonhead City
Height 5' 6"
Weight 132 lbs.
Occupation CEO of Ship Shape Fish Company
Enemy of Lucy, Rachel
First Appeared in Hog Hunt

Mitchel Douglas is one of the villians featured in Hog Hunt. He was created as a contest entry by Patrick Miller .


Mitchel is the owner of Ship Shape Fishing Co., a local proprieter of seafood in Demonhead City. He inherited it from his father. He was never particularly interested in running the company, but he was too used to the finer delicacies of life to stop. Eventually, profits were going down substantially, and the company was nearing bankruptcy. Desperate for funds, he decided to use his warehouse as a front for shipping drugs for the mafia. On 0 ACS, his warehouse was destroyed by Rachel Giallo. Despite all other security cameras being destroyed, one near the parking lot caught an image of Lucy walking towards the warehouse. Believing her to be the one who destroyed his warehouse, Mitchel hired two mercinaries, Raemus and Diablo, to assassinate her. As that was proving unsuccessful,  he desperately moved in to confront her himself, but everyone was apprehended by the police. However, police connections kept him from arrest.


Mitchel has no sense of loyalty, but hates being betrayed. Often, he'll go out of his way to make sure he won't be. He is very wrathful, and does not forget those who have wronged him.


  • Money
  • Giving orders
  • White wine