Original Bio by Jared CherybaEdit


The original concept art of Rachel by Jared Cheryba

Name:Rachel Catherine, but known by(everyone) as The Aurelian Arsenal (generally goes by Arsenal, most likely goes by Arse in Lucy's eyes *shot*) Age: 26 Gender: Female Weight:145 lbs Height:5'9" Species: Hooman (ohgosh a human oh noes) Weapons of Choice: guns,guns,GUNS, more guns. Her particular favorites being her gold-plated Gatling Pistols

Bio: Rachel's past, like most Pirate Captains, is shrouded in mystery. But all of the tales of her origin lead back to one thing. GUNS. She was known infamously for her love of guns. If she wasn't shooting a gun, she was looking for more guns to shoot. When she isn't shooting or looking for guns to shoot, she's looting GOLD to buy more guns to shoot. In fact, GOLD is the only thing she likes as much as guns, most likely because gold can bring her more guns. Legends tell she formed a crew with an equally passionate taste for guns, and they shot, looted, pillaged, and obtained the most fearsome arsenal known to man. UNTIL Their ship sank because it had too many guns. The only guns that survived with Rachel were the two Gatling Pistols she keeps at her side. These are her most treasured guns. Upset over the loss of her once-infamous Arsenal, Rachel wandered the earth, seeking a means to steal more guns and reform a new crew of vicious gunslingers.

Personality Traits: Hot-headed, obsessive over getting what she wants, if things don't go her way, she shoots stuff until it does. Arsenal hates swords, and most other blade-based weaponry. She thinks they require too much effort to master, why learn to battle a sword when you can simply blow them all up?

(This is the original bio of Rachel as written by her creator. It has no bearing over Lucy canon.)