Cheche Suárez
Sex Female
Date of Birth 36 BCS
Age 36
Race Dino
Place of Birth Koru't Islands
Height 7'1"
Weight 556 lbs.
Occupation Cook
Friend of Berserker
First Appeared in Order of the Scale 31

Rock-Smasher (real name Cheche Suárez) is a villian who was featured in Order of the Scale. Like Berserker, she was under the control of Arremer through use of Cloudyshrooms.


Growing up as of few Triceratops in the village, she was less than popular among the other children, but eventually got the attention of a younger boy, Richter, whom she became lifelong friends with. When she became a teenager, she began to learn her family's trade of cooking, becoming a master at an early age.Today, she continues the tradition by heading the village food stand. In 0 ACS, she was tricked into consuming Cloudyshrooms by Arremer, and manipulated into being his bodyguard. After being rescued by Lucy, she thanked her by making her a cake.


Despite her hefty exterior, Cheche has a very soft heart. In public, she's likely to put on a tough front in public, only opening up to loved ones. Cooking is something she takes great pride in, so she regularly holds dinner parties for friends.


  • Fishing
  • Baking sweets
  • Playing Guitar


  • Watermelons
  • Bullying